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Kandal province is completely covered the capital province and its town is Ta Khmau (Takmao). Making a day trip to that province is also potential as it contains Udong, the former capital between 1618 and 1866 and King Norodom was also crowned in Udong.


Phnom Udong- located about 40km northwest of the capital, Udong lays on the hills of the abandoned royal city and several temples, stupas and other structures cover three hills. The way up to the summit of the mountain offers an excellent countryside view. The main attractions today are the two small humps of Phnom Udong and both ends of the ridge have good views of the Cambodian countryside dotted with innumerable sugar palm trees.


Koh Dach (Silk Island)- located 20km northeast of Phnom Penh and has an area of 30 square km, it can be reached by car or by boat. Koh Dach especially features a traditional silk weaving village where the skilled local craftsmen are spinning, weaving and dying for their livelihood. It’s also a typical rural Cambodian stilted village, entirely dedicated to silk weaving. Some fishing villages are also found along the bank of the Mekong River. It is pleasure to have a half-day cruise trip to that village from the capital.


Kien Svay- having 10km distance from the capital along the National Road No. 1, the resort has the natural beauty decorated by small and big high trees, crop and fruit trees which provide cool shadow with green scenery. The main sight of this resort is Kien Svay pagoda, but it is stretched over along the Ktob River which becomes a very popular picnic area on a small tributary of the Mekong River. Hundreds of bamboo huts have been built over the water and locals love to come here on the weekend. Kien Svay is a peculiarly Cambodian institution, mixing the universal love of picnicking by the water with the unique Khmer fondness for lounging about on mats. All sorts of food are sold here and popular dishes include grilled chicken and fish, river lobster and fresh fruit.


New Tourist Site in Preah Sihanouk Province: Thmor Rung Waterfall- located about 120km from the capital and situated in Preah Sihanouk Province, it is a wonderful Thmor Rung waterfall with the forested mountainous surroundings. On the way, great scenery is warmly welcomed like paddy fields, the tranquil remote villages and mountains. Enjoying birds singing, colorful flowers blossoming and the song from the water flowing through the stones, it will become an awesome day to relax there for the ones who like to escape from the maddening crowd, but avoid the weekend and public holidays.