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Kampong Speu province is located in the southwestern part of Cambodia and in the west of the capital. The provincial town of that province is Chbar Mon which is about 45km from the capital.


Preah Soramrit Kasamak Kirirom National Park- located about 117km southwest of Phnom Penh and set amid lush forest and pine groves, it is popular with locals for the city escape during weekend as it is 675m above sea level with a notably cool climate with small waterfalls and a number of basic walking trails. Considering hooking up with a ranger for a two-hour hike up to Phnom Dat Chivit (literally means the end of the world mountain), its abrupt cliff-face offers an unbroken view of the Elephant Mountains and Cardamom Mountains to the west. It is also an ideal spot to glimpse some of the country’s unique birdlife and birdwatchers.


Chambok Ecotourism Site- just next to the Kirirom National Park, it offers a variety of activities in its community such as hiking, interaction with local villagers, a discovery program of Cambodia’s unique natural biodiversity, ox-cart riding, pedaling, bird watching, bathing at the stream and the waterfall and exploring a bat cave. It also has a great chance to have a picnic lunch prepared by local women at waterfall.


Kirirom Hillside Resort- near the foot of the mountain, Kirirom Hillside Resort is offering a wide variety of leisure activities and facilities such as hotel accommodation, restaurants, family shopping mart, recreation and children playground, Dino Park, fishing pool, canoeing, horse riding, biking and robe sliding. Tennis court and basketball field are also available for the sport lovers.